L'appellation Côte-Rôtie

Côte-Rôtie: an exceptional, prestigious wine

Created by the Allobroges, and then developed and structured in terraces by the Romans, the Côte Rôtie winery is amongst the oldest in France. Planted on steep, sun-soaked hills, the Côte Rôtie vines produce a red vin de garde which is warm, full-bodied, robust wine. Bitter and dark when young, these wines become more accessible and develop a rich, complex bouquet with age. Production is dominated by two grape varieties: Viognier and Syrah.
Côte Rôtie wines, often considered to be amongst the best Côtes du Rhône wines, consist mostly, or even totally, of Syrah. The Côte-Rôtie appellation (AOC) allows it to be combined with Viognier to a maximum of 20%. Some Côte Rôtie enthusiasts like to make the distinction between wines from the Côte brune and those of the Côte blonde according to the location of the vineyards. The brown is more full-bodied and ages more slowly, whilst the blonde is more delicate.
Can be seen on leaving Vienne, right bank of the Rhône - towards Ampuis / List of producers available at the Vienne & Pays Viennois tourist office.
Tours of the winery are organised for groups: Tour department / Vienne & Pays Viennois tourist office.
Its deep ruby colour is paired with a complex and elegant aroma with notes of spice, berries and violet. The blend of syrah and viognier brings together wonderful aromatic delicacy and remarkably refined tannins. Good aging potential.

Profile: AOC since 1940 / red wine / syrah and viognier grape varieties / 290ha cultivated.
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Syndicat des vignerons de Côte-Rôtie
Tel: 04 74 56 18 20
Fax: 04 74 56 01 45
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