Nos caves labélisées

Venture into a wine warehouse or tasting cellar to get to grips with the winemaker and his estate.
On foot in the vineyards or with a drink in hand, passionate men and women will tell you the story of their families and wines and will introduce you to winemaking.

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Morzelas 42520 Malleval
23 montée du Rozay 69420 Condrieu
2 chemin de la Viallière Verenay 69420 Ampuis
54 rue de Montlys Verenay 69420 Ampuis
1 Zone d'Activité de Chassoux 42410 Chavanay
The dream of Yves Cuilleron, Pierre Gaillard and François Villard came truth when they brought to light the vineyard of Seyssuel in 1996. They did it...
26 boulevard des allées 69420 Ampuis
Family estate established in 1929 with the planting of the first plot, it was then transmitted over four generations. Today, Bernard, Agnes, and ...
115 chemin des Corenties Rozier 69420 Ampuis
4 domaine du Monteillet 42410 Chavanay
The Monteillet domain’s belonged to the Villard family’s, they had sold out gradually over the years, to the ancestors of the Montez family’s. ...
75 RD 1086 Luzin 42410 Chavanay
Le Piaton 42410 Saint-Michel-sur-Rhône
48 Route de Lyon 69420 Tupin-et-Semons
Founded in 1781, Vidal-Fleury gained an international reputation very quickly. Thomas Jefferson's visit in 1787 was its first contact with the United ...
58 RD 1086 - Verlieu 42410 Chavanay
For Yves Cuilleron, the important thing is to create a"signed wine,"a wine marked by the terroir, the vintage. It must have an original character.Each...
178 RD 1086 Les prairies 42410 Chavanay
Château d'Ampuis 69420 Ampuis
8 Le Pêcher 42410 Chavanay
The Domaine du Chêne was established in 1985 by the current owners Marc and Dominique Rouvière. With hard work and with some patience, they’re ...
53 chemin du Combard Boucharey 69420 Ampuis
Since its creation, in 1807, the Domain Gallet has been a family story. Today, the 6th generation cultivates 3.5 hectares of Côte-Rôtie.
La Ribaudy 42410 Chavanay
Successive generations have acquired and transmitted the know-how valuing the richness of this wine heritage. Today, the domain of 17 hectares is in ...
13 Chantelouve 42410 Chavanay
The Domain is a family business founded in 1988 by Denise and Charles Grangier with 4 hectares of vines and 8 hectares of fruit trees. In 2002, ...
36 Le Grand Val 42410 Chavanay
The Domain is a family affair! Christophe Pichon, after his father, acquired his first vines in 1991. Then, he has grown and expanded their vineyard. ...
9 Côte Chatillon 69420 Condrieu
Located on the heights of Condrieu, the Gerard family dominates the Chatillon coast and enjoys a magnificent view over the valley of the Rhone.
Verlieu 3 RD 1086 42410 Chavanay
In 1984, Hervé Richard followed 2 generations of winemakers, growers. The renewal & the development of these great wines enabled him with the help of...
Impasse du Pressoir Rue de la Mairie 69420 Condrieu
The domain Niero chooses his best grapes on the terraced vineyards to make their Condrieu and Côte-Rôtie unique. This vineyard, now operated by ...