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A quality label for wine tourism

The “Vallée du Rhône – Condrieu – Côte-Rôtie” region was given the “Vignobles & Découvertes” award for wine tourism attributed by the French Ministries of Agriculture and Tourism in January 2013. 
Aims: Promote wine and vine-based tourism and provide quality services for visitors (accommodation, catering, cellar tours and tastings, sites and museums, events etc.).

Travel back in time

Once upon a time there was a Gallic tribe called the Allobroges based on the site of Vienne in 5BC. After becoming a Roman colony, the city became one of the largest cities in Gaul in 2AD. This historic grandeur unfolds with stunning clarity in the museums and the majestic restored relics. The so-called Holy City of the Middle Ages has a little-known medieval heritage and examples include the huge Gothic and Roman Saint-Maurice Cathedral. Vienne has belonged to the French network of “Villes et Pays d’art et d’histoire” since 1990 in recognition of the land’s heritage and 2500 years of history. 

Experience protected nature

The stormy Rhône had long carved its own path before being tamed by man. There are still islands and secondary branches of the river where natural treasures lie hidden in the peaceful water and riverbanks. Here, a grey heron nesting in the poplar trees; there, a pair of beavers on the bank. Other rarities take refuge in the wooded and wild ravines cut into the vine-covered foothills: the common genet, Eurasian water shrew and more. Meadows and orchards higher up create a peaceful country scene. Explore this ordinary yet extraordinary nature on footpaths and panoramic belvederes over the Rhône Valley.

Experience an exciting epicurean land

The top festival in the Rhône-Alpes, Jazz à Vienne, gets top billing and brings the start of summer to life when jazz and wine make sweet music with special Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu vintages. Nothing beats the traditional markets and wine fairs for meeting passionate winemakers. Every autumn the Vinalia celebrates 2000 years of local winemaking with an ancient vineyard and Roman-style harvests. There are also festivals celebrating local produce, apples and cheese (Rigotte de Condrieu) and open days on the region’s farms where you can soak up the destination.

Designated partnership

More than 100 partners have joined together to offer a wine supply under a common banner: Rhône Valley Condrieu - Côte Rôtie.

Wine cellars
Opened at least from Easter to All Saints Day and every week-end, each one of them invites you for a tasting cession, paying or free.

The heritage
Information place to discover the other partnership of the label.

The accommodations  
They engage themselves in a process of quality for the reception.

They offer a large choice of wines and a the possibility to only have one glass to taste the range of region’s savours.

Sports and leisure
Opened during the whole touristic season, they inform you about other label partnerships.

They highlight the soil’s products and the local « savoir-faire ».

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